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46 °F DP 32 °F 58 % Wind from SSWSSW  1 mph 0.00 in 29.75 inSteady Overcast Overcast  Low  Anchorage

45 °F DP 32 °F 60 % Wind from WNWWNW  1 G 1 mph 0.00 in 29.78 inSteady Metar PAMR: Overcast Overcast  Low  Anchorage-2

Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Circle Hot Springs

45 °F DP 44 °F 98 % Wind from WW  0 mph 0.00 in 29.97 inSteady Metar PAJN: Overcast Overcast  Low  Juneau

37 °F DP 35 °F 90 % Wind from WNWWNW  0 mph 0.00 in 29.78 inSteady Metar PAEN: Clear Clear  Low  Kenai

37 °F DP 33 °F 84 % Wind from SESE  0 mph 0.00 in 29.78 inSteady Metar PAWS: Overcast Overcast  Low  Willow

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from Tue, 03-May-2016 00:35:36 AKDT to Tue, 03-May-2016 00:36:02 AKDT

The Alaska Weather Network is an affiliation of personal weather websites located in Alaska. This station is proud to be a member of this network. Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. Stations are displaying current conditions, temperature, dew point, humidity, wind speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometer/trend, and time of last update where available.

Current member stations of the Alaska Weather Network

as of Thu, 03-Jul-2014 16:36:08 AKDT

  1. Alaska
    1. Anchorage [ Weather, Lightning, WebCam ]
    2. Anchorage-2 [ Weather, WebCam ]
    3. Circle Hot Springs [ Weather, WebCam ]
    4. Juneau [ Weather, WebCam ]
    5. Kenai [ Weather, Lightning, WebCam ]
    6. Willow [ Weather, WebCam ]
Anchorage: 46°F, DP 32°F, 58%, SSW 1 mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 29.75in Steady, Overcast Anchorage-2: 45°F, DP 32°F, 60%, WNW 1 G 1 mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 29.78in Steady, Metar PAMR: Overcast Circle Hot Springs - no current conditions report Juneau: 45°F, DP 44°F, 98%, W 0 mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 29.97in Steady, Metar PAJN: Overcast Kenai: 37°F, DP 35°F, 90%, WNW 0 mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 29.78in Steady, Metar PAEN: Clear Willow: 37°F, DP 33°F, 84%, SE 0 mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 29.78in Steady, Metar PAWS: Overcast

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Dew Pt.
Wind Avg
Alaska Anchorage Overcast 46 32 58 SSW Wind from SSW 1 0 0.00
Steady 00:35:46
Alaska Anchorage-2 Metar PAMR: Overcast 45 32 60 WNW Wind from WNW 1 1 0.00
Steady 00:35:36
Alaska Juneau Metar PAJN: Overcast 45 44 98 Wind from W 0 0.00
Steady 00:36:02
Alaska Kenai Metar PAEN: Clear 37 35 90 WNW Wind from WNW 0 0 0.00
Steady 00:35:59
Alaska Willow Metar PAWS: Overcast 37 33 84 SE Wind from SE 0 0 0.00
Steady 00:35:49



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